“Give the ones you love the wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay” Dalai Lama I found this quote from a magazine called Breathe. It’s a unique magazine that focuses on wellbeing and the most interesting bit is it doesn’t have any advertising (though I did see some referrals/recommendations to some … More Love

Romantic Love – Does It Give You the (ever lasting) Happiness?

Disclaimer: this is mainly my outlet to help me digest my reflections Recently I attended my friend’s wedding. It was a simple yet sweet (though not very sentimental) one. It’s actually quite a cute one. I was really happy for them and had a big smile on my face – yet something was missing… I … More Romantic Love – Does It Give You the (ever lasting) Happiness?

Best Wishes

How fast time flies. It’s now time to bid goodbye to 2016 and to welcome 2017. There were so many things that have happened in 2016 for me: started the new year in Auckland with a good long-time friend, started a new job, broke up with my ex, made new friends, learnt about my friend’s … More Best Wishes

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all!  Christmas is a special events for most people, not just for Christians, but for non-Christians as well, as this marks the period when family and friends gather and spend time together. It’s the time to spend with people whom you care and care about you.  However, this could also be … More Happy Christmas

Moments Are Precious

I received this beautiful card with the saying above from a sweet and loving friend. How easy do we take each moment for granted? How easy is it to take each other for granted? If we remember that our time is limited, and each minute passes means we’ll have a minute less to be alive, … More Moments Are Precious