Will you still go ahead despite the certainty of misery ahead?

Alert: spoiler (movie: Arrival) ahead.

Recently I saw a wonderfully made movie. Arrival. I'm not a big fan of sci-fi, but this one definitely is a huge exception for me.

If you haven't seen this movie and will plan to in future, I would advise you to leave this page as I would reveal spoiler and that would ruin the beauty of the movie.

I love the movie not only because of its story, but also how the movie is done. The story revolves around a character, and it's about her evolvement and internal inquiries, so it's not easy to express it on a big screen, but the movie has done a great job on it.

This musing isn't about the technicality behind the making of the movie, as I'm not an expert in film making or whatsoever (I only know how to appreciate and enjoy it). But rather it's about the concept of the story. That time isn't linear, so we can be in the future yet in the present as well.

But that's not what struck me. What struck me is with the question, if we know the outcome of a decision and it won't result in a happy ending, would we still go ahead with it?

As you may have known, our character in the movie chose to embrace it. Although she knew that it would mean a divorce and death of her beloved daughter, she doesn't regret it. She knew that if she were to decide to have a child, she would have a terminal genetic disorder and her husband will leave her.

I can't help but ponder about this. We all know our "certain" future: death – be it death of our own lives or our loved ones (can be metaphorically). We all know that nothing lasts forever. Even a loving relationship will be separated by death eventually. Or, on another scenario, our partner would leave us. Would it still worth pursuing?

You know the answer. I think regardless the ending of the journey, what matters more is the journey itself. I guess, the question isn't about whether how it will end, but rather, how we can make the journey a travel worth going? It's how we approach the events in our life that makes our life a beautiful one or not.

So.. I guess I'd be doing the same as the character. "Despite knowing the journey and where it leads, I embrace it and welcome every moment of it"

Be well,



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