My Beloved Dad

People in some countries celebrated Father’s Day last weekend. So this blog is for my beloved dad, whom I have so much love and gratitude to.

My dad doesn’t talk much – he only talks more to people whom he feels comfortable with, and even that he listens more than speaks. He doesn’t talk much about his past either but from pieces of stories I’ve heard, it seems that dad grew up like any other (kind of naughty) boys.. he didn’t like school (he skipped classes and went fishing or playing instead). Despite that, I sense that he always had high respect and love towards his parents. Unfortunately, my grandparents died when he was still young (teen probably). So I never have the chance to meet and know that. 

He has five siblings – two sisters and three brothers. He’s the middle child. One of his sisters has passed away this year (due to cancer).

My dad isn’t an affectionate man, so it’s easy to misunderstand him that he doesn’t care. I have to admit also, because he doesn’t smile often, some people may find him intimidated. But once he smiles, he is pretty handsome! (Well I think he is! Especially when I looked at the photos of his young self). My dad is loyal, you can always count on him when you need help. He is a kind of person who will be there for you and help you when you need it. He’s supported a couple of his siblings (and their families), mainly materially. 

Although he’s a businessman, he can be quite generous and kind to others. One time I asked him why he stocked up products that didn’t sell. His answer touched my heart. He said he felt sorry for the salesman, he knew his products wouldn’t sell, but he’d like to help this salesman.

I am very lucky to have a parent like him. He’s taught me a lot. One is when I was around 7 years old. It’s the lesson of having right attitude toward failure and the past. I was crying next to him because I “failed” to maintain my rank in the class. He kindly told me that I shouldn’t cry, but instead learn from the past – to understand why I went down the rank and better myself in the future. He changed my perception of failure since. The past has gone, but I can look back and learn what went wrong and then use that to be better for future. Somehow since then “failure” is like fuel for my “success”. I used it to motivate me rather letting it pull me down.

Thank you dad for all you love and support. I am forever grateful for everything. Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you for reading this. Wishing you well.



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