“Give the ones you love the wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay” Dalai Lama

I found this quote from a magazine called Breathe. It’s a unique magazine that focuses on wellbeing and the most interesting bit is it doesn’t have any advertising (though I did see some referrals/recommendations to some events/places). I like the concept of not having ads – magazines are full of them (hardly could find good articles that are worthy to read). Anyway, this musing isn’t about magazines nor advertising, but it’s about l-o-v-e.

I have to admit, love is my favourite subject. It’s one quality that both delights and fascinates me. It’s so delightful to feel love, be it from oneself or from others. In fact, I believe, it’s crucial for survival for all beings. Without the love from adults (parents or relatives or anyone else), young children couldn’t survive. Kids do need adults for foods, shelter, education etc. We need to be taught how to speak, to walk, and how to learn. This isn’t limited to humans only. Most animals, particularly mammals, look after their newborn very dearly, and they will fight with their lives to protect their babies.

Love also fascinates me! I think most people live in search of love. It feels that for many people life is like a quest for love. Look at how much effort and time people put on searching for “the one”. Most people’s problems stem from their relationships, either with their friends/colleagues/family/spouses/kids. Many songs are written about love. People enjoy watching movies that have some love story in it.  Love is also celebrated. Look at how much money people are willing to spend in the name of “love”.

Yet… the irony of all these is that very few understand what love is. And I have to admit, I’m still learning (though I must say I’ve learnt quite a lot by now).

I really like this quote from Dalai Lama. This is the kind of love that I value more. Love that is less binding. It is not separate, yet not glued so tightly. This love doesn’t have the need to be with the person all the time, instead, it is a type that allows the person be who s/he is and lets him/her have his/her own path in life.  Despite its freedom there is a beautiful connection between. You really like each other’s company, the person is in your heart and you always know that you’ll have each other’s supports and you’ll be there when the other needs you. And this type of love can exist in any kinds of relationships, including romantic relationship. The difference with romantic relationship, you have the commitment to each other and physical intimacy.

Whether everyone will feel or find this kind of love is another story. But if you do, please don’t take it for granted. Cherish it, as it won’t last forever. So when it’s time to say goodbye, you can look back and smile at your memory, cause it’s a worthwhile journey. I hope you find this love, and hopefully you get it from your own self (too).

Thanks for reading. Be well,



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