To Live Is To Be Vulnerable

hands-718562_1280We all are scared to be vulnerable. I must say that I was scared to be vulnerable, because I was scared to feel hurt. I knew that, but knowing it didn’t make me want to be vulnerable. Outsiders may have seen me as someone who’s strong and happy-go-lucky, but deep down, I was scared to open my heart. I was scared to let anyone close or into my heart. I had many close friends, but I didn’t let them be inside my heart.

But growing up, I knew I needed to work on it. I knew to live life authentically and fully, I needed to let this heart bare open to anything: be it pain or joy. So I slowly learnt how to. I started of by giving myself a lot of love it needed. The love that came from myself, not from others. I started to learn to forgive and accept myself, that I were good enough.I started to learn to muster the courage to see my not-so-pretty sides. I learnt to face my own demons. It’s an internal roller coasters at times, but it’s a journey worth going.

So I can comfortably say now that I am better at being vulnerable. And what I found is, by being more vulnerable, I became more loving – loving to myself and others. The love became more genuine. And I must say, it’s beautiful, the taste of this genuine love is enrapturing. I do encourage people to learn to be vulnerable.

And to end this, I’d like to share a great TED Talk by Brené Brown on this topic. She is a great story teller and speaker. Not only is this video entertaining but also enlightening. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for reading this.

Be well,




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