What is The Cost of Love on a Valentine’s Day?

fullsizerenderValentine’s Day signifies a day of love. It’s the day when people in love express and celebrate their love. People do it by buying flowers or having romantic dinner or by just simply spending time together.

Though I couldn’t help but wonder why we make a day so special? And why does it have to be 14 February? Well of course there is a history how the Valentine’s Day originated but why do we want to express our love by buying gifts, such as flowers or expensive items? I think this is the product of commercial advertising that influences people to consume and to put a price tag onto something unsaleable like a relationship.

However have we ever questioned why we value something like love with a price tag? Why is it that when one receives an expensive gift one erupts with joy? And why is it when one doesn’t receive a gift on a “special” day one becomes upset? Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t say one shouldn’t buy gifts (I actually do buy them, and I enjoy doing it). But what I’m trying to say is one shouldn’t see gifts as the highest expression of love or care. And one shouldn’t put material gifts at the highest value.

But rather, we should shift our values onto something that can actually foster a good and happy relationship. They are mainly the intangibles: mutual respect, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, faithfulness, etc. The list could go on – and I believe we all know what they are. Because these qualities are the ones that fertilise a happy and healthy relationship. They are the ingredients that would keep the relationship alive. You can shower someone with a lot of [lavish] material gifts but if you’re never present with the person, those gifts are meaningless. Eventually the relationship is just like a material transaction, and it’s very superficial.

Again, I’m not against people celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving gifts like a bouquet of flowers. In fact, I felt it’s quite a sweet gesture when I saw a few people were queueing buying flowers on the evening despite the high price tags (because after all they knew the flowers were overpriced but still were willing to buy them). And also, personally I’ll be delighted to receive any gift 🙂

So to end my musing, let me share with you a sweet video (link) of married couple who’ve been together for decades.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Thanks for reading.

Be well,



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