Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all! 


Christmas is a special events for most people, not just for Christians, but for non-Christians as well, as this marks the period when family and friends gather and spend time together. It’s the time to spend with people whom you care and care about you. 

However, this could also be a “ritual” to some, where it has become another tradition, another thing that one must do as part of the culture. It can lose the beautiful spirit of Christmas, which is love and giving. Although you may not always like your family, but the bond is very strong. No matter what you do, or how bad you are, your family will always welcome you with open arms. They may not approve or like what you do, but they love you regardless. This type of love is a treasure.

So look at your family and friends, whom love you dearly, with that in mind. That they have given you their beautiful love and kindness… so let’s appreciate it and cherish it. Remember, nobody lives forever. This moment we may be together, but who knows whether that would be the last one…. So if you have the moment now, enjoy and celebrate it.

Merry Christmas!!

Be well,





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