Last week I had a chat with a lovely nun about her passing mother. I asked her if she missed her, and she said not really, because she’s in her heart. Then I asked her if that’s attachment, and she gave a sweet answer that it’s not, but it’s love.

I couldn’t help but reflect it on my own experience. Similarly, even though I have broken up with my ex (read my past blog here), I feel that I always has a special place for him in my heart. Not in a clinging sense, but a sweet and gentle one. I have so much appreciation for his care and love he gave me in the past, and such quality lingers in my heart – it lives on.

By appreciating the beauty of his heart I develop a sense of joy and gratitude in my heart, for being lucky to be able to have witnessed that. And I will always cherish that beauty. 

And with that, I could only wish for one thing: may he be well and peaceful wherever he is. 

PS: the love I have now for my ex is not a romantic love, but rather a love for another fellow human being or a friend. The person who loved me has died in my mind, he is reborn as a dear friend… 

Take care.

Be well,



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