Whatever comes, accept it. Whatever goes, accept it.


I received this calendar as a Christmas gift last year from a friend. It has daily wise quotes from different sources, and I quite like the one of today, hence sharing it with you.

This quote says that we should embrace life with an open heart, accept whatever and however life unfolds for us, rather than expecting life to give us what we want. It’s about making peace with what happens in our life, rather than rejecting life as it is.

Though a friend commented that if we don’t expect anything we aren’t going to be ambitious to achieve what we want or aspire to have/become. Having a goal or direction in life is important, but it’s not the same as having an expectation, and this quote doesn’t say we can’t have a direction.

For instance an athlete can aspire to win a gold medal and train consistently to achieve the goal. On the competition day, he can let go of everything and just simply does his best, without expecting to be number one. That way, he’ll be able to accept whatever the outcome is because he’s given his best efforts.

This is my interpretation of the quote. What do you think? Please feel free to drop some comments 🙂

Be well,



One thought on “Whatever comes, accept it. Whatever goes, accept it.

  1. Yup.. it isnimportant in life to have goals n direction.. so that we have some motivation towards achieving something we wished for. However, it is important to train our mind to accept situations, outcomes and be flexible to navigate our way towards our dreams.. a wise person once told me : we must be like a stream (river), it has its aim to reach the sea.. but the flow directions and path can be changed anytime when navigating thru rough rocks and muddy surfaces and eventually reaching the sea.. not because u hit a rock n u stop.. the directions of reaching doesnt reali matter, but the motivation to not give up and the flexibility to change with conditions n situations are what matters..

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