Life is a gift

When I went to see a movie in a cinema today, there was a brand campaign by an Australian (health) insurance company (bupa) that has a tagline “Life is a gift. Take care of it.”, and this inspired me to write something along this topic. Human birth is precious – because it takes a lot … More Life is a gift

The Antidote to Fear

Fear is something so common that everyone has experienced in their lives regardless of their circumstances. In fact, it’s part of instinctive survival mechanism humans and other animals have. However, most of us now live in a condition where we feel relatively safe; we aren’t hunted by other humans for food. Yet, this state of … More The Antidote to Fear

My Beloved Dad

People in some countries celebrated Father’s Day last weekend. So this blog is for my beloved dad, whom I have so much love and gratitude to. My dad doesn’t talk much – he only talks more to people whom he feels comfortable with, and even that he listens more than speaks. He doesn’t talk much … More My Beloved Dad

Being Single

(This is just my random rant… so sorry if it bores you) Recently I had a reunion with my old uni friends. It’s no surprise, thanks to our demographics, that most of people there were either married or had/were expecting kid(s). One friend then was trying to suggest me with someone, as obviously I was … More Being Single

Befriending Fear

“What counts is not the enormity of the task, but the size of the courage” Matthieu Ricard A lot of our decisions or indecision in life are governed by fear. I’m not talking about instinctive/survival fear that we feel when we are faced with life or death situation. I’m talking about daily life fear – … More Befriending Fear