My Beloved Dad

People in some countries celebrated Father’s Day last weekend. So this blog is for my beloved dad, whom I have so much love and gratitude to. My dad doesn’t talk much – he only talks more to people whom he feels comfortable with, and even that he listens more than speaks. He doesn’t talk much … More My Beloved Dad

Being Single

(This is just my random rant… so sorry if it bores you) Recently I had a reunion with my old uni friends. It’s no surprise, thanks to our demographics, that most of people there were either married or had/were expecting kid(s). One friend then was trying to suggest me with someone, as obviously I was … More Being Single

Befriending Fear

“What counts is not the enormity of the task, but the size of the courage” Matthieu Ricard A lot of our decisions or indecision in life are governed by fear. I’m not talking about instinctive/survival fear that we feel when we are faced with life or death situation. I’m talking about daily life fear – … More Befriending Fear


“Give the ones you love the wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay” Dalai Lama I found this quote from a magazine called Breathe. It’s a unique magazine that focuses on wellbeing and the most interesting bit is it doesn’t have any advertising (though I did see some referrals/recommendations to some … More Love